Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things That Make Me Physically Uncomfortable

Certain things in life make me uncomfortable, perhaps irrationally uncomfortable.
While Maria Von Trapp sang about a few of her favorite things, here are a few of the things that make me cringes.

1. Hoarders and the act of hoarding: This makes me cringe. The idea of someone simply having mounds of stuff makes my skin crawl. I feel claustrophobic and sick to my stomach. And then people wonder why I go on culling binges and pitch unnecessary junk from my home. When I see the show hoarders I want to cry.

2. Clipping Nails: Not too sure what it is about this one, oh yeah...the sound. When I hear the sound and think about that remnant of nail flying through the air, I just *shudder*. It seriously makes me want to wretch.

3. Pregnancy: Don't get me wrong. Babies are awesome, pregnant women rule! But there is something about the idea of a living being growing inside a person that freaks me out. Sort of reminds me of something alien. My friend is pregnant and there is this little chart that tells you the changes your baby is going through. And I'm sorry, but knowing the baby is growing nails today gives me the willies. I try not to think about it too much.

4. Breaking Teeth: I have dreams about my teeth breaking, shattering and falling out all the time. The idea of having my teeth fall out makes me anxious. I feel like jumping out of my skin, just typing this makes me uncomfortable.

5. Airplanes: I don't like them. They make me nervous. It isn't natural. I don't hyperventilate, I don't need medication to fly on them, but still...they freak me out. Yeah, yeah, I know all the statistics, it is highly unlikely...blah blah blah.

6. Eating Disorders: I don't get them and they make me uncomfortable. I do not like seeing people dictating who they are by what they eat. Calorie counters make me agitated and knowing they are secretly calculating the amount I am eating gives me the creeps. Seeing really skinny people irks me, I do not think it normal to be able to see someones spine. Have you ever seen the Machinist? This makes me very, very uncomfortable: *cringes*

7. People: I hate being in large groups. The thought of crowds makes me want to curl up in my bed and clench my eyes shut. I think, and this is just personal speculation, crowds make me uncomfortable because I can't control them. If a fight were suddenly to break out, I wouldn't be able to calm the situation and if they started flee I wouldn't be able to stop them from trampling people to death.

8. Stupidity: Which really means people, right? Ignorance and selfishness are also linked to this. Why can't people think beyond their own backyard?

9. Ridiculous shoes: When I see shoes like this:EEEEK! It makes me want to cut their feet off so they wouldn't do this to their toes anymore.

10. Bukkake: Seriously, this freaks me out like you wouldn't believe, and by freaks out, I mean disgusts.

Now I am uber uncomfortable, to the point where I have to finish this blog, close the browser window and rock myself for a short while.

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