Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boyfriend Stealer

Leppy and I were conversing in the car this morning. We discussed our weekends, the ups and downs of house buying, shit disturbers and the ending ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. We both agreed that Michael J Fox is the cutest thing in the world and that we both like Catherine O'Hara. Then we moved along to the musical portion of the evening. If you didn't catch it, well you didn't miss anything. This is the music we chose to represent Canada? Great! I know they were going for popular bands, but COME ON! They could have had Arcade Fire and K'Naan if they wanted popular. Instead, they went with Nickleback and Avril Lavigne.

Leppy decided to go on a mini-rant about Avril. She sang a few of her tunes, cursed the stupidity of them and scoffed in general at her appearance. Then she proceeded to say, "I don't like her boyfriend stealing ways." It is clear Leppy doesn't appreciate girls who sing about stealing others boyfriends. She sited other examples, pop music I know nothing about, and I sang the wrong lyrics to the song that goes, "She wears short skirts I wear t-shirts." I have no idea what song it is, but it is fucking annoying.

To cap our car ride off, Leppy turns to me and says, "There is only one boyfriend stealer I like, and that's you. Because it worked out in my favor."
If you didn't know, Leppy and my friendship is built on a break-up. She wanted to side with her ex friend but couldn't resist my charms. And now we are like two fucking peas in a mother fucking pod. I don't like boyfriend stealers either, but they are necessary for the game. At least I didn't write a song about my stealing ways. That's just salt in the wound. You would think after four years you would cease being a boyfriend stealer, but I suspect I will have that tag for the rest of my life.

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