Friday, March 5, 2010

A Song From My Youth

As a child I was odd. I know this might come as a surprise since as an adult I am the epitome of normal. (insert laughter here) I never thought I belonged in this era, I thought for certain I was supposed to be in the fifties and sixties. I wanted to drive a Ford Thunderbird. I wanted to wear petal pushers and horn-rimmed glasses. I wanted to sit at a soda shop sipping a milkshake and doing the twist. I wanted to pay 5 cents for a chocolate bar and use phrases like 'that's boss' and 'lay a patch.

I submerged myself into the decade, watching movies that depicted the fifties and only reading books that referenced the decades I thought I belonged in. I even managed to beg my father to get me a Jukebox. Each weekend I would take my hard earned allowance and head on down to JukeBox Junction where I would buy a couple 45's.

Some of the classics that frequented my playlist?
Running Bear, Runaway, Sherry, Last Kiss. I mean there were a ton. My love of this sort of music started young. And it still hasn't died. I stumbled upon a great one at work today whilst listening to my Zune. I will share it with you below.

As for whether or not I belong in this era? I don't. This world is too harsh for me, I long for simpler times. Unfortunately, the Doc hasn't perfected the Delorean which will take me back to 1956, so until that time, you all have to live with me.

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Rebs said...

I would gladly travel back to the 50's as well, and I wouldn't even have to change my shoes!