Friday, May 31, 2013

Why I Am Awesome Today

I don't really enjoy tooting my own horn. Really, I'm not a very egotistical person, but today, I am awesome. It all started with an impromptu visit to the local grocery store in town. I needed to get some nanners (that's Tyson talk for bananas) for a treat I'm making my Sidekick because he's coming home today. And he deserves treats.

Inside the store I went, in search of this one solitary item.

So, not unlike others, when I'm hungry and in a grocery store, I always end up buying way more stuff than I intended to buy. This trip had me purchasing mushrooms, a red pepper, a weird vegan udon bowl I wanted to try, a seven grain salad, bread, bananas and ... well, let's just say I ended up with way more than anticipated.

Especially since I didn't bring a bag to carry it home in.

For the record, I hate plastic bags. Hate them. Thankfully, the local grocery store doesn't have them. They encourage people to bring bags from home. Those people who don't have the reusable bags can borrow one or take their goods to go in a box. Well, I didn't want a box and I didn't want to borrow a reusable bag. Why? Because I have a crap load of them at home. Besides, there would be the added responsibility of returning it after.

Then, I came up with an idea.

I took off my scarf, which is really like a pashmina, and said, "No worries, I'll just use my scarf."

Now, I live in a hippy kind of town. And I am totally not saying this in a mean way. In fact, I love the fact that my town is so bohemian and strange. I fit in rather well. In a run-of-the-mill store, who knows what I would have been greeted with when I took my scarf off, but this woman seemed stoked on what I was about to do. I mean, at first she tried to convince me to take one of her reusable bags, because she didn't want to see my scarf ruined, but when she saw how it was coming together, she kind of got excited about it.

I even told her I was going to blog about it. To which she said if I could figure out a way to use it as a scarf and have it hold the groceries at the same time, I'd be golden.

Anyway, because I hate bags and am a bit of an odd duck. I packed all my groceries up in my purple and black checked scarf. Then I walked on out of the shop. To be honest with you, I kind of preferred it to the reusable bag. Not only was it cute and fashionable, but it worked really well. And when I got home, I simply untied the knots and BAM everything was unpacked at once.

To show you how I did this, and because you probably need proof, I took some pictures.

And this is why I am awesome today. Because I took something fashionable and made it functional with a use it wasn't even intended for.

What can I say? I keep myself entertained.

Groceries in the scarf.

Two corners tied together to create two handles. 

 All the crap crammed inside. 

 Me wearing my scarf. 

Compliments about how pretty I am are always welcome.

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Dwayne Pike said...

Wow ........ Do they come any more Clever than "This Girl Tyson" Now here is an example of how this a Young Woman can be truly domesticated. A Dog A Cat A Sidekick and a Scarf. It just does not get any better than this!