Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

After yesterday's all too emotional post, I said I'd write about cake. Because cake makes me happy. It's one of my top favourite things. Zombies. Puppy dogs. Silly love songs. And cake.

Well, cake is probably number one, but I put it lower as to not seem so...chubby. People don't need to know that I think about cake nearly as much as I dream of randomly bumping into Woody Harrelson on the street and having him falling head over heels in love with me. I mean, a girl has to keep some of her cards hidden. Ahem.

Anyway, cake is one of those things in life people think are bad, but (and this is one of the biggest secrets) cake is actually good for you.

Wait, what'd I say?

Cake isn't bad! Let's celebrate.

Now, before the party gets out of control, let me clarify. Eating a whole cake to yourself in one sitting is most likely a bad. Not only will it lead to a massive sugar crash, but, if your metabolism is as sluggish as mine, you're going to be needing an extra cart to carry your butt around behind you. But a piece of cake? It's not going to hurt you. Unless you are diabetic, then there could be a good chance it might, and I apologize for this callous post.

There's a song by Sloan, a fantastic Canadian band, called "If It Feels Good Do It" There is a reason the saying exists. We like to do things that make us feel good. Whether it is dancing in our underwear, taking a nap, or eating a piece of cake, our endorphins kick in and smiling is just easier. I know people are stumped, I mean, endorphins are related to exercise...And excitement  And cake is so exciting, which is why I highly encourage eating it. Or whatever your eating cake equivalent is. It might be a chocolate bar. Or french fries.

For those who remember, I'm vegan. And I've found there's this common misconception that vegan cake is bad. People always say how dense and tasteless these egg-less, dairy-less confections are. Well, someone is doing it wrong. They don't have to be thick, heavy slabs of dry horribleness. No. In fact, almost all of my baking is delicious and moist. Ugh. I hate the word moist, but it is needed here and so I forced myself to write it.

At heart, I am a baker. I dream of opening my own bakery where I can sell my vegan creations and  change their terrible reputation. Not only have I mastered cupcakes, but I've got brownies, breads and pies on lock down. That's right. Lock down. I feel slightly gangster even saying that. The truth is, a lot of baking, like pies, tarts, and muffins are usually only a hop skip and a jump away from being vegan.

With all that said, lemon cake is my favourite. With strawberry filling.

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