Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Random Factor

I'm not really an open book, but there are some things about myself I refuse to hide away. A lot of people know I'm vegan, that I've never indulged in alcohol or partaken in drugs, and that my favourite colours are purple and green, which, I think, go very nicely together. But no matter how many blogs or vlogs I post there will always be parts of me that remain hidden away. You know, there are some things that aren't for public consumption, like my religious and political views. My mother told me to discuss everything except politics and religion. I listened. Also, my measurements. Girls need to keep some things private. Or what I was thinking about as I drifted off to sleep last night.

Like you, I have secret behaviours and thoughts that are just for me. Ones I will never share. The ones that are for me to contemplate and obsess over. Then there are the other thoughts, feelings and traits that I just don't think to share. They are silly things. Things I don't really care if people know, but which are so unimportant and random I don't even think about them. These things are really what set us apart from others, not our political or economical views.

We all have ideologies that comprise us. They guide and form a part of who we are, but it's pretty much a guarantee you'll find someone else who agrees with you. I know plenty of people who have the same views on the world as me. But there are other qualities in myself that will always set me apart from everyone else.

It's this 'random factor' that makes us individuals. Whether it's our nightly routine, something we say to pep ourselves up, what we find funny or how we react to situations, we all have quirks that make us unique. Sure, there might be one or two people who do similar things, but to find another person who possess all the same characteristics is never going to happen.

Here are ten things I do/think/say that contribute to the elusiveness of my being:

1. When I take the garbage down to the compactor, I toss the bag over my shoulder and call myself 'Garbage Santa'.

2. I am in love with the smell of Oliver's paws. They smell like corn husks and a simple whiff of them makes me happy.

3. When people hold their fingers up to their mouth in a 'v' and stick their tongue out it repulses me. I know this is the hand symbol for cunnilingus, but I don't think it's necessary or appropriate. It's a pet peeve that extends beyond pet peeves. My eldest sister does it in photos all the time. And I hate it. But I've never told her that.

4. Every time I say 'yikes' I add 'bikes' onto the end. This started because I watched a Drew Barrymore movie where she did it and it stuck. And, yes, I say 'yikes' more than you might think.

5. Sometimes, when I go home, I open the door to my house and say, "Honey, I'm home." And then I add, "Oh, right, I'm not married." This is a part from Batman Returns when Selina Kyle comes home after being licked by the cats and she hits the sign on her wall that says 'hello there' and it changes to 'hell here'.

6. I eat an apple a day. Before I take the first bite, I always smell the apple first. Just in case it's poisoned.

7. Every time I get to work, I take my shoes off and leave them under my desk. I can't work with them on.

8. A game I play with myself is to pick out the attractive qualities in the people I see, regardless of what they look/act like. Since I've been playing this game I've only found one person who I couldn't find a redeeming quality in. And I know some really shady characters...but they're family and I love them regardless.

9. I have an intense sense of smell. My ex used to say I have a wolf's nose because I could smell things most people couldn't. I wouldn't mind being part wolf. Baying at the moon sounds nice and erotic to me.

10. I believe in soul mates, but I deny this fact because I also think it's hokey. That's the cynic in me fighting the hopeless romantic. I'm not sure who will win out or whether they can coexist in harmony.

So, what are some of your 'random factors'? What sets you apart?


Morgan said...

"Garbage Santa" <---LOL!

"Just in case it's poisoned" <---seriously so funny! You do have a wolf's nose ;)

This post cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh :D

T.L Tyson said...

Please you enjoyed it! xoxo