Thursday, November 3, 2011

Last Night

I got married.
In my dreams, that is. 

A part of me feels the need to put it down somewhere.
Luckily, I have a blog where I can post whatever I damn well please. 

This fellow and I were standing in this open field where one lone oak tree stood, proud and immovable.

I swear it was Autumn because there were red and yellow leaves littering the grass,  but my clothing wasn't indicative to the season.
I wore the simplest white sundress.
It reminded me of those baby doll night gowns girls used to wear.
There was a breeze in the late afternoon that caressed my legs and played with the fabric.

My hair was down, which is unusual for me, and it ruffled around my face.
To be honest, it looked lovely and if I could get my hair to look like that I would wear it down all the time.
The man I was marrying reached over and brushed it off my face. 

For a moment, there was eye contact and I felt myself blushing. And I thought, how nice, to have those feelings for the man I was marrying.
 Then his hand found mine and he gave it the gentlest squeeze as if to say, "I'm here."

A wind kicked up and the leaves of the oak tree rustled.
We both turned our faces towards the heavens.
I remember the leaves well because they reminded me of Pink Lady apples.
And I always want to buy that type of apple, but every time I do I am disappointed with it. 

The thought made me laugh in my dream.

And there was an incredible sense of calm  to the whole thing.
Neither of us were afraid or anxious.
It just was. 

A woman married us in a simple ceremony.
A few other people were there, but they didn't matter, because we were there for each other, not the onlookers. 

And then there was a kiss. 
A kiss so soft I questioned whether it even happened.

Then we walked off with no direction or destination. 

And this dream was as close to a fairytale as I've ever thought up. 
So vivid and rich. 

And oddly real.


Noelle Pierce said...


T.L Tyson said...

It really was. ♥

Hulk Savage said...


Internet Geek said...

*happy sigh*

T.L Tyson said...

Yeah. It was sweet. And...if only...

Anonymous said...


Calvin said...

Wow! What if our dreams are reality and when we are awake is really only a dream state

T.L Tyson said...

Then I would be a very happy girl in real life. :)

And moderately happy in dream world.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I dream of driving a car or van or lorry and I'm reversing in it, only to find that the brakes aren't working and I'm speeding out of control, on waking it always grounds me.....a subtle message that tells me I'm getting out of control and not making progress in my current direction....a message to take stock and review what's really important in life.

Anonymous said...

T.T. Awwww. You're a real trooper, and I mean that sincerely.
And that Noel Pierce. She's a dead ringer for the press woman at T.I.N.
You girls, you spin me right round round, like a record baby, round round round round.

T.L Tyson said...

Hey Zax! How the heck are you? Noelle is lovely. And we spin with the best of them. :D

T.L Tyson said...

Bud, I have a lot of nighmares actually, this one was a bit of a nice distraction. :)

David Zax: Extremadura said...

I feel so good, I'm afraid I may soon spotaneously combust. Been knuckling down with the writing full time lately. Thank's for the Tips. My sentences begin well.
Yes I remember Noelle and her old avatar, the one where she was wearing glasses.
I fell off my chair when I saw it. She knows too much about music to be that other chick.
I'm listening to Life on Mars by H.D. at the moment.
4AM and I'm writing my blurb.
Have you put anything up on kindle?

T.L Tyson said...

Good for feeling good! Nope. Not posted anything. I am biding my time. Or something like that. Procrastination!

David Zax: Extremadura said...

Regarding the formatting for Kindle, do you know if you upload a single MS file, or one chapter at a time like Autho?
For me, a lot of the holding back putting it out, was wanting it to be too perfect, I never felt right until now.
I'm sure when its gone up I'll want to tinker with it.
Got something else I want to start though.

T.L Tyson said...

Oh, Zax, I just saw your last comment. I believe you post one whole doc, but you format it ahead of time. :-/ But I can't be sure as I have never done it. :D