Monday, December 21, 2009

The Truth

I hate the way tear (crying) and tear (rip apart) are spelled the same.

Leppy just ranted in my cubicle.
I love it when that happens.
Breaks up my day.

And I love rants.

Except about stupid stuff, like football and male pattern baldness. I mean really? Who cares? Certainly not I.

There is one of the guys that we hang out with who is clinging to his hair like it is a life preserver and he is on the titanic. Let it go Jack, Rose would be proud.

The other day whilst wrapping gifts Etnie sat in some plum sauce and decided to do a obstacle course through the house. Now everything is sticky. He is such an asshole.

Life is weird.

1 comment:

C-Stene said...

I know you love my rants.
I always know that you're in the mood for a good Leppy rant when I stomp up to your cubicle and there's a big greasy smile on your face.