Monday, November 2, 2009

Apparently October Doesn't Exist

I didn't make one post in October. I was busy.
Is that a good enough excuse?
Well, it is the truth. Busy with life.
Like that famous saying: Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
Well Life is what happens while I neglect my blog.
Not that it matters. Like my two followers really care. They are too busy off in their own worlds reading books and making plans to go to Vegas.

Here are ten things I have come to terms with lately:

1. Life isn't a fairytale.
2. Good things may come but it takes work and dedication to get them to arrive on your doorstep.
3. It is not acceptable to get a lizard tattoo
4. No matter how much time you spend away it is all the same when you return
5. Most people will forget you when you are gone, but the important ones won't
6. Real friends are there when you need them, not just when they need you
7. Sometimes Life sucks. BALLS
8. Being published is a pipe dream
9. Things will change. They always do.
10. I love to write. And I am not bad at it.


Selestiele said...

I'm not reading books or going to Vegas. And I cared that you didn't post in October. Just sayin'. MWAH!

C-Stene said...

I know. I'm waayyyyy to busy reading books. That's what I do. They don't call me "Bookworm Brown" for nothing.

rebrebs said...

Do you think she got that tatoo because she drinks so much? HA