Friday, July 24, 2009

Welcome To High School

Not only is it grunge day but there was a random fire drill. Throws me back to 1999.
The best part is standing out on the lawn with my co-workers making fun of the people around me and silently hoping that they tell us we can go home.
I know I'm in the working world, an active part of societ, but I still hope, wish and pray that I get sent home early.
Like when it snows, I hope my work is closed, but it never is.
I am currently wondering if our fire alarms here are filled with that ink that gets all over your hand. Surely not, we are adults after all. Still I am contemplating pulling it, i could just say my pen exploded in my hand.
I will wipe it on my jeans and be that much more grunge.
Side note: remember when it was cool to write on your clothes?
I do.

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