Saturday, March 9, 2013


These days, all I am getting is SPAM.

No, not the overly salty canned meat. That'd be a ridiculous thing to send a vegan.

I'm referring to the ye old blog. This one.

And all my comments are spam. Meaning, they want to sell me something or take me back to their awesome websites. I get a little thrill when I see the 'comment pending' notification. And the thrill is promptly squashed under the heavy boot of reality.

Some lesser beings might take that as a sign to give up and go home.

Not I. I simply feel this means I need to get back into the blog-o-sphere and draw my readers and commenters back in with my wiles.

First, I have to figure out what and where my wiles are.

But then it's on, like Donkey Kong.

Seriously though, has anyone else been getting an abundance of salty meat in their inbox?

Oh, I do declare. That sounds positively rude.

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