Thursday, March 24, 2011

Excuse Me

I've been dreaming about you.

You, of course, don't really know I'm dreaming about you. I mean, you might know I've dreamed about you once before. Maybe you ever hope I dream about you. But you have no idea how frequently you're popping up. Nightly almost.

Why is the real question. I don't know.

I mean, I've known you for awhile, I feel affectionate towards you and I like you. Those aren't reasons enough. Sometimes I think it's because I'm worried about you. It's not like me to worry over people. This world is big. Things happen. And we all make our own choices. The situations we find ourselves in can be products of our own decisions. At times I think people make up their minds, and make the wrong choices, only because they don't think they have any other way.

Anyways, the worry isn't enough. Technically, I don't have any reason to worry about you now. Right now, you're safe and healthy and doing your own thing. Still, you're there, in my head. And, for some reason, you want to be heard.

Do you have something to tell me? Are you trying to tell me a secret? Or a tale? Or something you have on your mind? Or maybe I have something to say to you? Do I have a secret? Or a truth that I think you need to hear?

That doesn't seem right. You're the type of person to speak your mind. Just like I'm the type of person to speak my mind. At least I thought. Though, people do change. On top of that, sometimes people can't seem to get the words out. Maybe we are blocked.

Anyways, you're there. Each night. Sometimes you come by to deliver a line. Other times you're the lead character. It really depends. Sometimes you plague me all night, and some days it's just a casual greeting. The oddest part, is you look different each time. One night you will be unshaven, tired and gruff, the next you will be bright eyed and laughing. It's a giant spectrum of you. You at your finest. You at your worst.

I don't know when these dreams will end. I don't know if they ever will. And I have no idea if I will ever know why you're holed up in my head, camped out and keeping me company in the wee hours of the night. Some days I want you to go, to leave me be. Other days, I want you to stay forever.

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Noelle Pierce said...

No need to worry about me. I'm fine. Though why you dream about me "unshaven" is a little concerning. ;)