Friday, August 20, 2010

Funky Friday!

I suck. I know I suck. It isn't like I pretend I don't suck. I know I do, which is why I started this blog with 'I suck'. It's a plain and simple fact. I wish I didn't suck. I wish I could post my Melodic Monday ritual without forgetting about it, but I can't. Some Mondays I remember. Here's the thing, this last Monday, I had it off and I spent the day writing and being grumpy. (I had big plans so you can't be mad.)

In an effort to make it up to you, I am doing a Funky Friday post. Here are my top ten music choices for the week...kinda like Melodic Monday, but on Friday. This is better anyways, because it's the end of the freakin' week. And I know all of you have been looking forward to Friday, except the people who don't work, and Friday is their everyday. Though I imagine it gets lonely around the house with no one to play with, and so, they might be looking forward to Friday as well. Fuck, I ramble a lot.

There is a theme here, it is, 'songs my parents used to sing'. Fun!

This one is courtesy of my dear old dad. I swear to God, I cannot count the times he sang the chorus of this song. I remember sitting in the back of his Mazda listening to him. It brings back the days of going to garage sales and being shoved into the backseat with my knees around my ears. Maybe if you're lucky, I will one day tell you about how we used to fly around in that truck.

Here is the one for my mom. She really loved singing this, especially the French parts. Though I must say, I don't remember her singing much past the chorus, first in English then in French. Then back to English.

Both parents often sang this little diddy. I think they used to sing it while playing with their parrots. (not that isn't a code word for something-they actually had parrots).

Another one for my father. Joy To The World brings back so many memories, I seriously can't tell you the way of euphoric nostalgia that just washed over me. Music has a tendency to do that to me. I simply love this song. Thanks for introducing it to me, Dad. Really, my life is better because of this song.

There were only a couple tapes my dad had in his car that I remember growing up. The one which comes to mind first is the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack. We listened to that probably a hundred times throughout one summer. There are two songs which will forever remind me of that movie/summer in my dad's truck:

Now, back to my mother, One Tin Soldier. This ridiculously sad song was on repeat from my mother's lips through my childhood. Don't get me wrong, I love the song, but what a message.

If there is one band that will ALWAYS make me think of my father it would be The Drifters. Another of the tapes played constantly in my father's car. We would listen to this until the day the damn tape machine ate it. Damn that tape machine!

This song reminds me of my parents. When I was about ten or so, my father bought a Juke-Box and we used to go down to Jukebox Junction and I would spend my allowance on old 45s. I loved these outings, they were the highlight of my childhood. This was one of the first records I bought, it was also the most played and danced to.

Last and certainly not least, this next song isn't really a full length song with words or anything. It's the theme song to The Munsters. I cannot tell you how many times I made my dad rent The Munster Revenge movie when I was little. Probably so often that I could recite it by heart. He would always do this silly little dance at the beginning when the song played. Ah, memories.

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