Monday, May 11, 2009

This Morning

A typical morning in the life of Leppy & Beers.
So we are driving to work and Leps says she wants to listen to Crank That by Soulja Boy. So I flip through the songs on my MP3 player and bring up the song that has been requested. It's starts out and I look up and am like "Whoa." And Leppy is all Cranking that soulja boy, bustin a move and singing the song. And I say "Whoa Whoa"
again because the light we are speeding towards is still red.
Christene doesn't seem to understand why I'm saying WHOA. I guess she thinks it's the way I sing, or that I am practicing my Joey Lawerance impression. Anyways she finally realizes why I am saying WHOA. But it's too late we are already in the intersectin and it's wet and she slams on the brakes and we skid. And then she's like "Fuck it might as well go all the way" and she speeds off.
Just goes to show Cranking that soulja boy is not a good idea at 5:30 AM, monday morning when it's raining.

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