Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Those White Girls Sure Can Rap

I imagine if Snoop Dog heard Leps and me rapping he'd be blown away.


2Pac and Biggie roll over in their graves every time they hear us white bitches busting a rhyme in the car.

Today a new occurrence happened.

We were listening to R. Kelly's ignition and we were doing these dance moves. It was like we choreographed it, but we hadn't. We amaze ourselves.

Another favorite is Usher's Burn.

We often pretend the beginning is us on the phone with him while he breaks up with us. He is such a bastard that Usher, how callous to break up with me in a song.

We also enjoy City High's 'What would you do'.

I tell you what I would do, I would strip. YAH.

Often Leps changes the name to mine: "Her name was Tee she went to junior high with me."

Of course, I'm like, "Why yes I am a stripper and yes we did have bio together."

Others that frequent our morning/afternoon drives: Gangster's Paradise, Air Force Ones, Solider, I'm Real, Gold Digger, Crossroads.

We are Gs and we're way out of your league.

On a side note we have almost died a hundred times on our commutes together.Which I think only makes us a bit more badass.

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C-Stene said...

It is hard out here for a pimp, my friend.