Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love To Love to Love You

This is it. 

The big day. 

The day people the world over decide to let the ones they love know they are loved. To show them they care, that they are special. 

This is the day we buy them gifts, we make cards, go out for nice dinners and, if all goes as planned, do the nasty with them. 

We kiss, smile and have a little more patience with them. The 14th is the day  we tell them how beautiful or handsome they are. 

Often, we reminise about how we met them, how long we have cared for them and we think about the first moment we loved them. We think about our first kisses, our first dates and the first time we exchanged out 'I love you's'. On this special day we dress up, put on make-up, do our hair and make our selves smell nice; often we even shave, our faces, our armpits, our legs and even our unmentionables.

And then I sit back and ask:

Why does it have to be one day?

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